M + W 6:30pm @ The Westmoor Club. Nantucket, MA (members only)

Prepare to sweat and detoxify during this powerful + energetic class. This intermediate level class has a strong emphasis on linking breath with dynamic movement. Great for experienced practitioners looking to explore advanced variations of sequencing and postures, creative sequencing, intermediate backbends, arm balances, and basic inversions. Core work will be a featured component to every practice and students can expect an uplifting, motivational soundtrack to highlight segments of each class. 


Express Lunchtime Yoga

Tuesdays 12-12:45pm @ Graceline Institute

For the busy islander pressed for time, come punctuate your workday with an uplifting pulse. This 45 minute express dose of midday strength and flow will provide the soundtrack and stamina to invigorate your afternoon.


Vinyasa FLOW

M + W 8:30am @ GraceLine Institute (open to the public)


Thursdays 6:00pm @ The Westmoor Club. Nantucket, MA (members only)

This ALL LEVELS movement meditation class will leave you grounded, centered, and inspired! Link slowly flowing postures with your breath and deepen your experience of the present moment. Boost your energy while safely exploring challenging poses and learn to use props to enhance your alignment and support your practice.



Saturdays 4pm @ The Westmoor Club, Nantucket. MA (members only)

During this sweat inducing + challenging class, vinyasa lovers can expect advanced asana playtime and sequences that build strength, stamina and energy. Themed around unlocking a peak pose, these classes will explore creatively-linked arm balances, inversions, forward folding, back bending, seated postures and spinal twists, all designed to facilitate an embodied sense of self. Prana Vinyasa® classes empower the soul + strengthen the body. As a general guideline, students who attend the advanced practice should be able to do the following poses without a risk of injury: Adho mukha śvānāsana (downward facing dog), Vasisthasana (side plank), Bakasana (crow pose), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), Urdva Dhanurasana (wheel).



Most Saturdays 10:45am @ GraceLine Institute (open to the public)

Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the chakra system and yogic body, we will develop a transformative approach to the body and translate this into practical vinyasa yoga sequences for our selves and living in a state of flow. In a world where we can see the disconnecting effects of a “dim fire” or the burn out of the “excessive fire”, inner firekeeping is an all-encompassing metaphor for the yoga of householder life. The chakra system brings together the alchemy for tending the fire of the many dimensions of ourselves – root to heart to crown, inner and outer. Our mission is to emerge nourished and inspired with tools to deepen your practice of  living yoga.


Restorative YOGA

Fridays 5:30pm @The Westmoor Club. Nantucket, MA (members only)

An all levels yoga class designed to open and encourage the body's own ability to release and let go. Move deeper into supported postures using mindfulness, breath work and props for longer holds. This gentle class will give students an opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and deepened awareness.



M + W 5:30pm |TU + TH 8:30am, Saturdays 9am @ The Westmoor Club. Nantucket, MA (members only)

This addictive full body workout is complete with arm moves, fast leg work and in & out of the saddle routines that are all expertly timed with music. Students can expect to work hard for a full 45 minutes, and then return their heart rate to normal with a 5-minute guided cool down. We guarantee you will get a full mind-body experience from this killer workout.


Circuit Training

TU + TH 10am @ The Westmoor Club. Nantucket, MA (members only)

High-intensity interval training classes mean a better cardio workout in less time. Carry on burning calories long after you finish a workoutwith High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. You work hard in intense bursts of activity with a brief recovery time to kick your metabolism into overdrive.


Prenatal YOGA

Call to schedule private small group instruction 508-332-2546

Prenatal Yoga helps to prepare your body and mind for labor, birth and motherhood. Whether you area seasoned yogi or a total novice, prenatal yoga is a beautiful way to connect your own quickly changing body and cultivate relationships with other pregnant woman. This class will focus on releasing tension, maintaining good posture, clearing the mind of the stresses of pregnancy and connecting to the little life growing within. Through breath work and meditation, students will learn to relax on command and keep a positive outlook. We will cover basic yoga poses (and some more challenging for those pregnant goddesses with an established practice) for prenatal and postnatal health, discussion of prenatal health and wellness, birthing options, and labor positioning, as well as meditation and breathing techniques that can prove extremely helpful during the process of labor and delivery.