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 Photo by Dan Driscoll

Photo by Dan Driscoll



I practice yoga because it wakes + shakes and stirs my soul.

I've been studying yoga since the late 90's and teaching now for over a decade.  During that time, I've seen yoga wake other people up too. I've seen it transform grief, and rally  people to a cause. I've seen it mend wounds and inspire activism. I've witnessed yoga draw people together, and cultivate a felt sense of belonging. 

I teach because yoga invites us look at ourselves and the world we engage in, in a more honest and meaningful way. I teach because no matter what we perceive is going on externally, yoga gives us a productive way to explore what's going on internally. Yoga helps us uncover what we're running from and maps a path by which we can breath through it. 

I use yoga as a means of engaging with the world, because it requires us to be fully present with both our joy and our sorrow, to live awake and  and to be agents of change.

Don't you want to be an agent?

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